The Engadin St. Moritz Tourism Organisation is delighted
to announce the publication of the book, St. Moritz’s Soul –
a high-class collaboration between photographer and author
Roberta de Paoli and Alexandra della Porta Rodiani.
The illustrated book, St. Moritz’s Soul, provides a fascinating insight
into St. Moritz, with all its many facets. The timeless aura radiated
by the resort since time immemorial is reflected in the pictures
in an inspiring way. (Ariane Ehrat)

Roberta de Paoli was born in Milan; she has been living in Miami for years.
Human and metropolitan landscapes of Florida have represented the beginning of her activity as a photographer that she is now carrying on also in Europe.
The search of beauty and curiosity are at the basis of her work.
Her lens looks for the uniqueness that is in each different person, the one that makes every event special and exclusive. According to Roberta, the person that looks at her pictures should not only be impressed by their beauty, but most of all by the sensations and emotions they create.

The book is on Sale at 80CHF plus shipping costs (Click here to buy the book)


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